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Tattva's advanced biotechnology called the Hermes system which is a Cyanobacteria Engineered Living Material

We bio-engineer buildings to make them climate efficient.



The building industry is the largest carbon-emitting industry (36% of global CO2 emissions). The UN estimates the requirement of 2.5 billion more buildings by 2050. Given the current state of the climate crisis, our existing construction technologies are inappropriate to meet the developmental needs.



We are developing a new type of  bioengineered construction system that actively sequesters CO2 and meets the high standards of strength and insulation for our buildings. We aim to transform the largest carbon-emitting human activity into the largest carbon-sequestering activity.

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By combining advanced tissue engineering techniques with ancient photosynthetic organisms we have developed a patented technology that enables us to grow large-scale structural photosynthetic tissues that can be used to construct our buildings.


Technical presentation

Concept building spaces


This project is a part of ongoing research at the Bio-Integrated Design Lab, University College London.

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